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Micaela van den Berg, Artist and Art teacher.

About Me

My name is Micaela van den Berg, and I’ve been immersed in teaching art for around 2 decades. I have taught across ages and abilities, in classrooms and privately, and while I am an artist, I consider myself more a teacher who can do art. 

Over the years, it has become undeniable to me the positive, healing, and growing affect art has on people, no matter their age or ability or background. Art is a way to connect with others and oneself, and to grow into the person you might want to become. And I feel privileged to be able to be part of this.

About Studio Muse

Studio Muse started as an idea, a place holder for projects and concepts that didnt quite fit in my usual day to day. 
But when I moved from Auckland to Kaipara, something clicked, and I knew it was time to grow this idea into reality.

I believe everyone is an artist, if only they have the space, tools and people to help them get there. I want Studio Muse top be that place.

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