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Cyanotype kits! You might know the technique as Sunprinting.

How does it work?

Cyanotyping. Also called Sunprinting, is a centuries old process that uses the sun’s light to create a picture.

Process: take a sheet of pretreated paper, and arrange objects on it. Then you keep it flat with something transparent (glass works best) and expose it to the sun rays.

Then after some time, carefully remove the objects and put the sheet in water to stop the process. You are left with a white silhouette of your objects, surrounded by the blue cyanotype.

It’s science and magic that you can watch happen in real time!

What does it include?

- 10 pre-treated A6 sheets. With these you can experiment and play, and afterwards can be framed or made into gifts for others!

- starter collection of shapes and silhouettes

- light proof envelope

- a sheet of instructions and tips

My kits are a whole bunch of good stuff in one go, let me explain:

⭐ Sustainable, reusable and upcycled materials

- ⭐non-toxic

- ⭐an interactive experience that uses that forethought, imagination and consideration of a step by step process to get to a result

- ⭐no age limit!

-⭐ fun and magical experience that's fascinating to watch ( if you do not have fun I will refund you!)

- ⭐ready and super easy to use

- ⭐quick results!

-⭐ take part in the centuries old process

What makes this a good buy?

- NZ MADE ( by me )

- anyone can join in, there is no skill limitations

- a unique gift that makes unique art

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